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The tenant file allows you to define permissions for your members inside your tenant. Permissions are used to restrict access to certain features of your tenant on the different services.

A permission is represented by a string. You can find them in the Permissions Reference.

How to add permissions

As you saw in the previous section, the tenant file contains a groups property. This property is an array of groups. Each group contains a permissions property which is an array of permissions.

# ...
- slug: group-A
members: [xavier.login]

You can simply add a permission to a group by adding it to the permissions array. You can also create a new group and add permissions to it.

Permissions Reference


Permission nameDescription
INTRA_TRACE_READAllows the user to read traces on Operator.
INTRA_TRACE_RETRYAllows the user to retry traces on Operator.
INTRA_TRACE_PUBLISHAllows the user to publish traces on Operator (i.e. make traces visible for students).
INTRA_IMPERSONATEAllows the user to impersonate other users on the Forge Intranet.
INTRA_REPO_CLONEAllows the user to clone student repositories on the Forge Intranet.
INTRA_NODE_READAllows the user to access all nodes where they are registered without having to validate previous nodes.

To impersonate a user, you need to add ?login=<login> in the URL. (e.g., ?login=xavier.login)


Impersonation does not work on the home page of the intranet because no tenant is selected yet on this page.


This permission does not allow the user to make a submission on a node.


Permission nameDescription
FORMS_CREATEAllows the user to create forms.
FORMS_PUBLISHAllows the user to publish forms.
FORMS_REGISTRATIONAllows the user to add surveyed people to forms.
FORMS_EXPORTAllows the user to access the result page


Permission nameDescription
SYLLABUS_READAllows the user to read existing syllabus.
SYLLABUS_CREATEAllows the user to create syllabus.