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Welcome to EPITA. This documentation provides a concise overview of Information Technology services at EPITA. Before reaching out for assistance, we recommend consulting this page and the comprehensive documentation.

This guide serves as a reference to understanding the basics of IT services starting with various aspects of IONIS / Microsoft 365 and Forge accounts whether you're navigating MFA, updating personal data, or recovering lost access.

The Forge provides you with a work environment, covering both on-site and remote settings. This involves PIE workstations and sessions, managing AFS (Andrew File System), maintaining the intranet or using the Forge infrastructure for remote work.

From WiFi connections to printers through the use of essential tools such as Git, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with this comprehensive documentation. For detailed information on each topic, please refer to the corresponding sections in the documentation.

To be sure you stay connected and up-to-date, you should also use emails and news, and especially Forge - Annonces.

Computer room charter

Before accessing the EPITA's computer rooms, it is imperative for each student to take the time to carefully read and acknowledge the "Computer Room Charter".

This charter outlines the rules and standards of EPITA's computer rooms. Students must undertake the responsibility to adhere to the principles of this charter.

By embracing these principles, you contribute to the creation of a collaborative, respectful, and secure computing community that promotes knowledge sharing and mutual respect within our institution.