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SM Map

What are SM Maps

A map is a simple SVG file. This means that you can easily modify it to match the real building structure or the room layout.

The only requirements is that each computer is a rect with the following properties are set:

  • class: computer
  • id: the hostname of the computer. (e.g.

Create or edit a map

Although not required, inkscape is recommended to design a map.

A simple demo.svg map is provided. It is recommended to edit it rather than creating a map from scratch.

Add a computer

Copying an existing computer with inkscape will provide every properties required except id.

You may resize it if required.

Resize and export

If your map renders properly only on inkscape, the viewBox might be invalid.

inkscape provides a way to export your work so that it fills the whole space available. To do so, you have to export it using Save As > Optimized SVG and check Enable viewboxing. This will automatically resize the viewbox and provide a much more readable (and shorted) output.

While this is great for production, the contributed maps MUST be on a format easily editable. It does not matter if the viewBox is wrong as it will be exported later for production.

Every maps (including demo.svg and demo_optimized.svg) are available on our GitLab: here.