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Students, read this first!

In general, in case of any problem / incident / question, you should first ask your assistants. It is their responsibility to try solve any problem or to contact the Forge or IONIS IT department if needed. If necessary, they will redirect you to the correct person/service.


To contact the Forge, one has to create a ticket by sending an e-mail at

For teachers and activity operators, if you already have an established tenant at the Forge use your dedicated channels on the Forge Discord server.

Other contact information

This information is provided for informational purposes only.

IONIS IT Department (Bocal)

To contact the IONIS DSI (formerly known as the Bocal), you can create a ticket on Jira.

You may use the "IONIS SSO" button to sign-in with your Microsoft 365 account.


Students should never contact IONIS' IT department directly. In general, reach out to the Forge first, and we will decide whether we have to reach out to them.

Do not use personal communication channels

Facebook, Discord and personal communication channels in general are not valid ways to communicate with us. Any person trying to contact the Forge via these means will at best be ignored.