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VMWare MacOS


First step

For MacOS, install VMWare Fusion : VMWare Fusion.

Second step

Download the iso file ISO.

Click on Installer à partir du disque ou de l'image. import

Select the cri-vm.iso file. import1

Select Linux > Autre noyau Linux 5.x et version ultérieur 64 bits. import2

Select BIOS hérité. import2

Click on Terminer and save the VM. import2

Before launching the VM, you need to edit the configuration. Go to Machine Virtuelle > Paramètres. import2

Then edit Processeurs et mémoires. import2

Put (at least) 4096MB of memory. Put more if you can - if you have enough RAM available. (Note that 4GB will probably be the maximum on a 8GB Mac). import2

Go back to the previous menu and click Disque Dur (SCSI). import2

Put (at least) 64GB of disk space. Note that the disk format is optimized not to take that much space on your disk. import2

Third step

You now have an imported VM. You can now run it by double clicking on it. imported

In the familiar PXE menu, choose the Prepare disk entry.

Let it boot, a script will run automatically and your VM will shutdown once its done.


Fourth step

You can Start your VM again. You can now use the PXE menu as usual to boot NixOS image.


Be careful! You should log in with epita user and no password. Your data is in /home/epita, this directory is kept between reboot, you will not lose files each time you stop your VM.