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Password update or recovery

Password update

Changing your CRI password

It is possible to change the password to your Forge Account.

Password policy

The password must be as follow:

  • At least 10 characters long
  • Should have 3 different case (At least one uppercase character, one lower case, and one numerical character)
  • Not too similar to your other personal information.
  • Different from a commonly used password.


To change one's password, one has to go to the Forge ID.

On your profile page (which you can access by clicking your login on the top right corner of the page), click Change password and follow the procedure.

Changing your Bocal password

Your IONIS password cannot be changed manually but it can be regenerated on the Bocal console. You can follow the recovery steps for the IONIS account.

Password recovery

Recovering your CRI password

If you lost your Forge password, which is giving you access to the school's computers, you can reset it following this link.

You will be asked for your login and an email will be sent to the email address linked to your Forge account, with instructions and a reset link.

You can also use the button Instant recover with Office 365 which will use your IONIS account to allow you to reset your password. This method is much quicker.

Recovering your Bocal password

If you lost your IONIS password, which is giving you access to your email and WiFi, you have to submit a reset request following this link.

You will be asked your email, and a confirmation code will be sent via SMS (or email if you own an international number). Once this code has been entered, your new password will be sent to you via SMS (or, once again, email). The messages can take a few minutes to arrive, be patient.

If the phone number kept by IONIS' IT department for password recovery is missing or wrong, you must send a ticket at indicating your login and a french phone number. You must also provide us a proof of your identity such as a picture of your ID card next to the current date.